“I’d never had acupuncture before I went to see Magda and was a bit nervous as not many things had helped my aches and pains. As soon as I met her I felt I was in good hands and the treatment made me feel better the very same day. That and her advice on how to adapt my diet made a big difference over next few weeks so I was really glad I went. It was also really nice to be able to get a new perspective on my symptoms and to have such an attentive person to listen. I started to really look forward to relaxing in my sessions – I drifted off to sleep nearly every time!”
Hannah x

“I have suffered from hormonal imbalances since puberty. I have tried several natural approaches before including balanced and healthy diet, homeopathy, and herbal medicine. Although I saw some improvement if I persevered with a healthy lifestyle seeing Magda for acupuncture improved my symptoms significantly from the first treatment. Not only my hormonal issues improved but I felt more balanced emotionally. I continued seeing Magda for the amount of sessions recommended and I saw my symptoms and mood improving with each treatment. It was very reassuring to see results so quickly. I won’t hesitate to see her in the future if I feel the need to rebalance again. I liked Magda’s calm, professional but also very friendly and warm approach. She really listened to my concerns and adjusted the treatment accordingly”.

“Magda is the perfect person to put you at ease if you are new to acupuncture. She has such a calming manner, is detailed in her analysis and explains all the steps as she conducts the treatment. Thanks to her diagnosis and treatment, I experienced incredible results with long-term skin issues diagnosed years ago which never responded to antibiotics or other western medicine. She also gave great holistic naturopathic and advice to help my PCOS and IBS symptoms”.

Thank you Magda.